Mr. Fenley, it was certainly good news that the application you filed for me was granted, with a 100 % rating! The back benefit check, plus the substantial monthly benefit checks will come in handy! Gerald M. Dorset, Ohio.

Allan, thanks again for the second successful appeal of the effective date assigned by VA for my 100 % rating. Once again, the lump sum payment from VA is very welcome. Henry C., Cooperstown, NY.

Mr. Fenley, thanks for your very capable representation leading to a successful result in obtaining both an increased rating and entitlement to unemployability (TDIU) benefits in my case. Johathan M. ,Royal, AR.

I would not have received my 100 % rating without the successful result you obtained on my appeal to the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. I appreciate the fact that you have always been available to explain legal issues and answer my questions. Josh L., Clarkston, GA.

Mr. Fenley, we are please with the outcome in Michael’s veterans disability case (100 % under TDIU). We are referring our veteran friends to you for your excellent legal services. Michael S. ,Portland, OR.